Summer Semester

Its a new semester and my last summer session before graduation in the spring.  I am determined to get this blog up and going this semester.   So here we go...

It was suggested that I talk about experiences and process with each shoot.  This week is a little different than normal weeks, but let's be honest, none of them are normal.  This week I went to the Soulard Market on Thursday instead of a weekend.  Only two stands were open, but luckily my favorite one was.  Schweiger's Produce is the one stand that I have found the most interesting foods at including last semester's Jack fruit and this week's lychee and prickly pears.   Please check out their fb page.

Anyway, Belle and I went to the market with the plan to re-shoot corn on the cob.  Instead she found the prickly pears.  The fruit is beautiful with a green and purple skin.  I never would imagine what the inside would look like...bright red with the consistency of watermelon almost. Next to the pears were something that looked like a rough red and brown acorn.  The lady working the stand explained they were a lot like a peeled grape on the inside.  Really?  They are definitely more beautiful on the outside.